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We help borrowers ensure a seamless transaction from purchase to closing. Take advantage of our loan pre-approval process, swift decision making, and flexible lending solutions. We offer competitive low rates, and a wealth of lending knowledge to help you get the perfect loan.

Fast track your home loan purchase or refinance with the help of the
Gold Coast Lending team.

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Step One.

Request A Loan.

By completing the loan request form, it will allow one of our licensed loan agents to analyze your loan scenario to find the best interest rate and terms for you. We will be completely transparent with you so that you understand the process every step of the way.

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Step Two.

Provide Your Income Documentation and Assets to us.

When you provide your income documentation, it allows us to pre-approve your loan rather than just pre-qualify your loan. (A loan pre-approval provides a more specific estimate of the amount of the loan you could qualify to receive.)

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Step Three.

Your Loan is Pre-Approved.

After you have completed your pre-approval application and turned in your required documents, your work is done. It’s that simple. We will then hand your loan file to the lender’s underwriter for final review, and prepare to close your loan.

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