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Hard Money Loans.

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A hard money loan is a short-term loan secured by real estate that most banks won’t make for many reasons. However, these loans are easy to qualify for, and they are equity-driven. Gold Coast Lending provides an extensive variety of hard money loans for real-estate investors and property owners in the state of California. Whether the real-estate is an investment property, multi-family residential or commercial use. Our team has a hard money loan program that is tailored to help the borrower achieve success.

Our Hard Money Benefits:

  • Equity-driven, (easy qualification)
  • Zero down loan programs with cross-collateralization
  • Properties in need of repairs, or total rehab
  • Properties can be listed for sale
  • Properties can be in mid-construction
  • We lend up to 75% of future value
  • We lend up to 100% of fix-up funds

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