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Gold Coast Investment Properties.

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Investment properties are types of properties that a borrower is interested in but does not want to reside in. Instead, they intend to secure a profitable return by purchasing property as a rental and selling it for a profit. If you need to close and conventional financing is taking too long, we can close with terms as short as three months.

We finance most types of residential properties (except owner-occupied properties). Whether you are a first-time real-estate investor, or you are a borrower who intends to resell your property for a profitable return, our professionals can help you. We provide investment property financing to investors who need reliable and quick funding. Contact Gold Coast Lending today and experience how simple financing investment properties can be by working with us.

Our Investment Property Financing Benefits:

  • Fast approvals
  • Competitive rates
  • Honest consultation
  • Dependable hard money source

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