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Mixed-Use Property Loans.

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Mixed-use loans help real-estate investors and business owners finance mixed-use properties. For example, a person who owns a salon on the bottom floor and a rental on the second story of that same building has a mixed-use property. Buildings that are categorized as mixed-use typically qualify for financing when multiple units zoned for various uses, such as commercial, residential, or institutional.

Gold Coast Lending offers mixed-use loans that are short-term with terms that range from six months to twenty-four months. Our team quickly evaluates the value of the mixed-use property, which is crucial in approving loans for real-estate investors, business owners, and self-employed investors. Working with us allows you to experience the difference a qualified mixed-use property financial lender makes. We see the true value and potential in properties that other inexperienced lenders might miss.

Gold Coast Lending specializes in originating easy qualifier loans. Other companies and traditional banks will ask for multiple forms of documentation to prove income before making a loan. With Gold Coast, borrowers have the ability to acquire the loan they need with added ease.

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